The First Creator Platform for Wine-Themed Lifestyles

Redsip is the world’s first creator platform returning true fans to small and medium businesses of the global wine industry.

If you are passionate about lifestyles around wine & dine, join the community today on our app, iOS or Android!

If you are a creator or small business who wants to create events and make revenue, we help you kickstart your event at ZERO cost.

The Founders’ Message

Redsip has fully launched! The first version of Redsip is well anticipated and it marks another important milestone in our mission: Connecting the world’s wine lovers.

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Redsip app provides a unique journey for creators to create content, gain engagement and get rewarded by the value they contribute. Behind the app, we have an ever-evolving creator and business network and monetization tools to empower creators to become fast-growing businesses.

Help you say French wines
Redsip French wine data is partially open for your experience here. We highly recommend to download the app and find out more!

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