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「搜尋餐廳時會想起OpenRice ; 訂購外賣則想起Uber Eats 和 foodpanda等,我們的目標就是當大家購買葡萄酒或是想了解紅酒時,第一時間便會想起Redsip。」Redsip共同創辦人李卿(Qing)及樓永強(Andy)從小到大對於葡萄酒情有獨鍾,早於2017年在美國看好這個產業的龐大商機,決定放棄高薪厚職,把握香港市場缺口,今年11月中於香港正式推出Redsip應用程式,成功發展自己真正熱衷的事業。

Redsip Launch Cocktail

Having Fun at Redsip Launch Cocktail

How fun and relaxing was it yesterday for the Redsip Launch Cocktail! Lots of guests came and joined us to color the shore of Cyberport. With beautiful wines and props, there were plenty of toasts, laughter, and ‘sipped with’ posted in our Redsip app.