td-Founder’s Message

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The Founders’ Message


Dear Friends and Wine Enthusiasts,

Redsip beta is launching with Chinese New Year! The first version of Redsip is well anticipated and it marks another important milestone in our mission:

Connecting the world’s wine lovers.

However, it is a new born baby, and we are extremely thoughtful as to how and who comes close to play with it. We wanted to only activate 100 seats to high-influence wine enthusiasts from all around the world. As our first user, you have the extraordinary privilege to invite 20 OF YOUR FRIENDS to participate in our beta together. We are strictly limiting the number of invites. Your request for additional invites could be considered but not guaranteed.

We will also operate in ‘invite-only’ mode for at least 6 months in order to allow our strategically-selected users like you to define our community. Instead of listening to everyone, it’s important to get feedback from dedicated users that can help us grow in the direction we wish to. Who we choose to influence Redsip is the defining factor in our future direction!

This beta release is an opportunity to test our platform and validate how strong, stable and scalable our foundation really is. If you are already a user in our UAT stage, you will need to register for an account on Beta separately.

Stay tuned…
Our invitation to you for downloading the Redsip iOS beta will arrive IN A FEW DAYS. As we count down towards Launch Day, we are excited at the prospect of keeping you updated real time and building a great wine enthusiast community together with you!


Qing Li
CEO & Co-Founder
Redsip, Inc.

Andy Lau
Chariman & Co-Founder
Redsip, Inc.

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